Arranging a Funeral

When a loved one dies at home or at a nursing home:

When a loved dies at home or at a nursing/residential home, it is important that you take as much time as you need. Once you are ready we will make the arrangements to bring your loved one into our care to rest at our chapel in Hessle.

When a loved one dies at hospital:

When a loved one dies at hospital, the bereavement officer should be able to give you specific and expert guidance as to what to expect next. However once we have been contacted we will make it our priority to bring your loved one into our care as soon as possible, so you know they will be safe and we can give them as much dignity as possible.

When a loved one dies suddenly, and the coroner is involved:

If your loved one has died suddenly and unexpectedly, it is normal that the police have an involvement in the initial handling of arrangements for you. This is so your loved one and their circumstances can be referred to Her Majesty’s Coroner for further investigation. This can simply be so that the circumstances involving your loved one can be determined definitively.

Bringing your loved one into our care:

Once in our care, your loved one will be looked after with the utmost of respect and reverence, ensuring dignity at all times. Our chapel of rest is a quiet, peaceful place in which you can come and visit your loved one (if you wish to do so) once initial funeral arrangements have been made.

Making arrangements for your loved one

Once your loved one is in our care, the next few days are usually very busy, mostly of an administrative nature that needs addressing quite promptly. These are listed below:

Collect the ‘Medical Certificate of Cause of Death'

(Unless your loved one is referred to Her Majesty’s Coroner) If your loved one died at home, this is usually issued from their normal GP/Doctors Surgery Office. If your loved one died at hospital however this is usually issued from the General Office or from the Bereavement Officer. It is often best to ring first to ascertain a suitable time of its collection.

Register the death

(Unless your loved one has been referred to Her Majesty’s Coroner) Once you have obtained the ‘Medical Certificate of Cause of Death’, it is possible to make an appointment with the Registrar’s Office. It depends where your loved one died as to which Registrar’s Office you need. If your loved one died in the Hull area or at the Hull Royal Infirmary then the Hull Registrar’s Office should be used. If your loved one died in the East Riding of Yorkshire or at the Castle Hill Hospital, then an East Riding Registrar’s Office must be used. When registering, the Registrar will be able to provide you with a ‘Copy of Entry Into The Register’ or what is commonly known as a death certificate. If your loved one had insurance policies, bank accounts etc, it is usual to send original copies to these organisations. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain more copies than you initially need. Please be aware that the Registrar makes a charge for each copy. It is important to note, that the registrar will give you a green certificate as a matter of course. This does not cost anything and only relates to the funeral director. It is vital that you bring this to us a soon as possible, so we can complete required paperwork for your loved one.

If your loved one is referred to Her Majesty’s Coroner

If your loved one is referred to His Majesty’s Coroner for further enquiry or investigation, then the process of registering their death is different. Because of the sudden or unexpected nature in which your loved one died or if there is a link to an industrial disease, the Coroner has a duty to ascertain a conclusive cause of death, be this through accident, injury or illness. Because of this involvement your loved ones GP/Hospital Doctor cannot issue the ‘Medical Certificate of Cause of Death’ and the Coroner will advise you accordingly. To help the Coroner to find a definitive answer it can be usual that a Post Mortem Examination is required. However distressing we know this is for families, it can draw a line under a lot of questions you may have concerning the circumstances or causes of your loved ones death. Due to the complicated pathways in which the registration process involving the HM Coroners office can have, we advise that you have a chat with us and we can guide you as what to expect and your responsibilities for registration.

Arranging the funeral

Depending on what is most convenient for you, we can come to your home or you can visit our office in Hessle to make the funeral arrangements. Unfortunately, many of the things that we need to discuss with you are often difficult and upsetting. However, together we can approach them gently and as sensitively as possible. You will at some point have to decide if your loved ones wish would have been for Cremation or Burial, what religious denomination would be most applicable if any, a service in church or at the crematorium/cemetery Chapel, just to mention a few. We can look after every aspect of arranging the funeral for your loved one. When we meet, you will be able to discuss floral arrangements, music requirements, personal effects, times and dates and much more. Rudstons of Hessle is one of the oldest and most trusted names in East Yorkshire, our experience ensures that your loved one will receive nothing short of the best care and attention together with dedicated and personal support for you and your family. Arranging a funeral for a family member or friend is a very personal and individual tribute to their life.

Register Offices

Beverley District

Walkergate House
Beverley, HU17 9BP

Phone: 01482 393600

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Closed Every First Wednesday PM of Each Month

East Riding District Cottingham

Council Offices
Market Green
Cottingham, HU16 5QG

Phone: 01482 393565

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Closed Every First Wednesday PM of Each Month. Saturdays Available by Appointment.

Hull District

The Wilson Centre
Alfred Gelder Street
Hull, HU1 2AG

Phone: 01482 300300

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Saturdays Available by Appointment

Coroner’s Office

H.M. Coroner
The Guildhall
Alfred Gelder Street, HU1 2AA

Phone: 01482 613009

Opening Hours:

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